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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Marleigh!

A year has gone by and I can hardly believe it. I feel like yesterday I was nervously awaiting for my c-section. Now she is walking, eating table food and talking. She will not let you snuggle her unless she has just woken up or sleepy. Any other time look out because she is on the go and she doesn't like being held back. I know all mom's feel their child is the smartest most amazing child but I am just so amazed by her. Even when she throws a tantrum its amazing that such small person knows how throw herself on the ground and roll around screaming. Unfortunately mommy has been trained by numerous other children and just walks away after moving everything out of the way that she might hurt herself on. I know most parents don't make a huge deal on birthdays let alone 1st ones but I feel like I probably did. I made sure she had balloons when she woke up and her daddy made her birthday pancakes and she got her cake smash photos done today too. I even made her a tutu to match her birthday shirt. I think I will always try and make birthdays a little more special. Today I hope was a little special for her...even if she doesn't remember.

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