November 2nd 2009 - February 28th 2010

“No day will ever erase you from the memory of time”

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Leila is here.

Well she has been here for 6 weeks. Leila was born July 12th, and was 9'10, which I was surprised because Marleigh was the same weight and she didn't seem even close to that. Marleigh has gone through a couple of transitions from loving Leila to not liking her and then loving her again. I understand that going from getting all the attention to sharing with a baby who seems to get mommy's attention a lot is hard. Marleigh wants to be sitting on my lap when Leila is nursing, not beside me but basically on top of Leila. I have tried getting her snacks or putting on her favourite show so she is distracted. Nursing was tricky with Leila at first, as she was tongue tied, I kept getting clogged milk ducts and was becoming quite painful. She has since got her tongue clipped so now we are a little more smooth sailing. The C-section went well. After a week I was like I am not sure if I can do this again. Now 6 weeks later I don't even remember the pain. One more time and then I think we are done. I was worried about having another girl but so far it has been awesome. All of Marleigh's clothes fit Leila so I currently only need to shop for Marleigh because the next year Leila can wear her clothes. This week is very bittersweet. Leila is 6 weeks, Marleigh is 16 months and Jackson would have been on his way to school. I can't even believe I have child that would be a going to school. I wish every day he was here to help keep Marleigh company while I do stuff with Leila. Leila looks so much like Jackson, they have to same eyes and are the same body type. She sleeps much better then he did but I will never know if that was just him or because of his heart condition. Well my free time is up and I have a hungry little girl who is going to need lunch soon.