November 2nd 2009 - February 28th 2010

“No day will ever erase you from the memory of time”

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

IS the Universe just messin with me

Before Marleigh was even born I always was worried about the first 4 months. Worried about her health, things I would be looking for. When we went to Sick Kids and got the testing done I felt I could finally take a breather for awhile. Actually I hadn't even thought about the 4 months since the day we came home from Sick Kids. On the eve of my little girl turning 3 months it all came back...and slapped me in the face. Today Marleigh has been spitting up a lot, to be honest (pardon the TMI she hasn't pooped since yesterday, which if she hasn't she does tend to spit up a lot. Makes sense there is no room at the inn so to speak. She felt warm to me so I took her temp (nothing)and I was worried she looked a little pale, Tim said the same thing when he got home. So then my wheels started turning. Boy had I wished they had stayed still. When getting pregnant with Jackson my goal was to be off on maternity leave for the winter Olympics in Vancouver. Weird but I was slightly obsessed with the Olympics. Ok here is the very weird coinsidence that is making me a little bit crazy. Jackson was 3 months when the Olympics started, Marleigh is turning 3 months tomorrow and the Olympics start Friday. So now I am freaked out. I know the Olympics has nothing to do with Jackson dying, but its just a weird freaky coinsidence. Now my paranoia of the first 4 months is coming back to haunt me. Is the universe testing my mental state for this next month, I am looking forward to August 26th, 4 months and 1 day. Just let me get there in one piece.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Moving Marleigh

Bassinet to Crib, my room to her room, can't she just stay in our room forever. Last week we made the decision to move Marleigh to her own room. The decison was a hard one for both of us, me more(although secretly I don't think Tim was excited either by the idea). I like having her right there, I can see her, hear her and comfort her if she needs it. She is almost 15 pounds and will be 3 months in a week, so why not get her in her own room. I just wish her room was closer...its all the way down the hall which takes about 5 seconds to get to (yes for me 5 seconds is too far). Plus she was doing awesome and sleeping from 7:30/8:00 to about 4 or 5am so I wouldn't be walking the halls all night to feed her. None of these things gave me comfort but what I do know is the longer she sleeps in our room the harder it will be for both of us to make the switch. So last week we started on Saturday (that way if she got up lots Tim could help). Well the first night I ended up sleeping in the Lazy Boy in her room. Night two her Angel Care monitor went off and I ended up in her room again. Wednesday it went off a couple of times and she ended up back in our room. We have recently adjusted the monitor and repositioned it in her bed, but she is still in our room. I think when I get back from visiting my mom I will make a go of it again. I really need her to be settled in her crib by September because I may have to go back to work shortly after that or even start working part time. I love Canada for giving us a year but I unfortunately they don't make it affordable. Anyone else have this problem out there? Anyone have any suggestions? I just want her to be safe and I want to not go crazy with worry all the time.