November 2nd 2009 - February 28th 2010

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Friday, December 10, 2010

My trip to Dr. OBGYN

Finally my appointment arrived. I have only been waiting for 6 months or so. I was really nervous and wanted Tim to be there but I had already made him skip work to come meet our new family doctor. I also thought I need to start doing some things on my own.

I had to meet with the nurse to go over the reasons I was there and of course we she had to ask me questions about Jackson. I tried to hold it together but I just burst into tears. The poor nurse felt bad but I knew why she had to ask the questions, before she left she said, "don't worry the doctor will be in soon to make you feel better".

The doctor came in and started asking about Jackson again, how he was delivered and how my pregnancy was. Then how my periods were and how often we were having sex. ( On a side note I have talked more about our sex life in the last couple of months then I really thought I ever would). He checked me out and said everything sounded good and looked good. When he was done he told me about my two options. The first was to wait 3 months,and let my periods become shorter like there were before (Which will be helped by my reflexologist). I also need to start exercising and eating better. The other was more aggressive, which involved him going in and scoping my uterus, and taking drugs, etc. I decided that I was going to go with option 1. He agreed that it would be the best, but if I changed my mind to call him and we can do it.

After all of my appointments, I finally got the wake up call I needed. I know that since Jackson has died, I don't exercise as much as I should, or eat healthy at all. So as much as I don't want to admit it I need to take better care of myself, which is what I have been doing. I have filled my fridge with things that you are suppose to be eaten. Were not dieting were just going to follow the Canadian food Guide, and start walking more and spending more time together.

I feel good about the decisions we have made. I am not going to focus to much on getting pregnant and more on being healthy and taking care myself and Tim.

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  1. Lindsay I am glad to hear that you are going to try again. Hoping that it is not a challenging journey.